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Written by Dr. Rebecca Cipriano, MD, a board-certified Ob/Gyn with a master’s degree in nutrition, and her father, Kenneth Herman, EdD, a clinical psychologist, Pop: Burst the Diet Bubble and Finally Lose Weight gives you a step by step plan for beating the battle of the bulge once and for all.

Diets do not work, but lifestyle changes do. I want you to take a journey with us to drop the idea of being on or off a “diet.” You cannot constantly judge yourself by being good or being bad. This is where the concept of bursting the diet bubble stems from. This isn’t a diet but a road to wellness. It’s also not a race. Once you allow yourself to move forward and not judge yourself or your behavior, you will see that everyone stumbles, but if you keep moving in the right direction, the direction of health, you will win.

Pop into your power!


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