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[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”right”]http://popweightloss.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/woman-with-tape-measure3-300×203.jpg”[/image_frame]Ready to burst the diet bubble and finally lose the weight?

What about reversing medical conditions, not gaining weight during menopause, getting pregnant naturally (read: no need for IVF), improving your energy, boosting your focus, looking younger and totally upping your sexy?

Follow Dr. Rebecca’s top 10 tips for losing weight and living the happy, healthy life you deserve.

1. Eat food for health, not food for comfort.

2. Focus on eating fruits and vegetables, nuts and beans.

3. Slow down during meal and snack time.

4. Do your best not to eat after 7 pm.

5. Make exercise a non-negotiable habit.

6. Use exercise time as meditation time.

7. Try new foods regularly.

8. Change your exercise routine often, in order to work different muscles and avoid boredom.

9. Only eat until you are 70 percent full.

10. Eat one big salad a day.

For more weight loss maxims, pick up Dr. Rebecca’s Pop: Burst the Diet Bubble and Finally Lose Weight.



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