Candy Sabotage

Wondering why you have gained a few pounds in the last couple of weeks? Yes, it is likely the long-lasting Halloween candy that is still lingering. It’s time to say goodbye and toss that sabotaging, processed-laden collection in the garbage.

Let’s get serious. The holidays are weeks away. It’s not too late to get a handle on your diet – before the additional temptations make you throw in the towel completely.  Learning the necessary tools to make the right food choices now will put you in the perfect position for smooth sailing over the holidays.
Starting a program with Pop can happen immediately. You will be surprised to see how making simple, real food choices (without deprivation) will quickly have an impact on your physique. On average, our clients lose 20 pounds in the first month.
Don’t let excuses cause another few weeks to fly by. Make this your time to get control of your life. Need a little more convincing? Watch this amazing transformation and learn why Pop works.
Did we mention we are running a 30% off special on packages? That’s only $39/week for our best option. So put down the candy and lose 20 pounds before New Year’s.
What are you waiting for?


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