New Recipe, Healthy Southwestern Enchiladas

Healthy Southwestern Enchiladas “Mexican” (American-style Mexican) food is not something I associate with health or healthy eating.  Traditional Mexican cuisine is what I would consider healthy, but that isn’t what I’m talking about here- I’m talking about tacos and those yummy enchiladas. You know, the good stuff- loaded with fat, salt, and starches, it is […]

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Dr. Cipriano writes forward for book

Dr. Cipriano wrote the forward for the book “Full Belly: Good Eats for a Healthy Pregnancy” by Tara Mataraza Desmond, Shirley Fan, RD. View the book on Amazon.

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15 Super Foods for 2015

New recipe, Photo of cauliflower for the Cauliflower Soup

Each year, we think about ways to improve our health (and our waistline!) The list of foods compiled below were put together by our Pop Team, they are rich in vitamins and minerals, taste fantastic, and can be combined in ways we bet you will enjoy. So go ahead. Try our 15 Super foods in 2015. […]

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Oatmeal for the Win!

Oatmeal for the Win! Delicious oatmeal with fresh berries

If you are anything like us here at Pop, you have good intentions to make healthy breakfast choices to start the day off right, but with all the health claims out there, you sometimes throw your hands up in frustration, and a settle for a bagel on the go. Well, we have heard your frustrations, […]

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Pop’s Guide to Happy, Healthy, Holiday Gifts

Pop's Guide to Happy, Healthy, Holiday Gifts. Photo of two boxes in Christmas wrapping paper

Looking for a holiday gift you can feel good about giving, that will make your loved one feel good too? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite health-related gifts you might want to add to your list this year. Exercise Equipment If you have a friend of family member who is on a weight loss […]

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15 Minutes to Fitness in 2015

15 Minutes to Fitness in 2015 . Photo of woman doing a pushup

This simple do-at-home body circuit does not require any equipment, and will help you improve your fitness just about anywhere. All you need is a pair of comfortable sneakers, a clock or watch, a piece of paper and a pen. This workout will take you 15 minutes from start to finish. Below is a list of […]

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Ideas that will Motivate you to Work Out this Winter

As the weather gets colder, reasons to cut back or skip your regular workouts may be tempting, but the more you allow yourself to make these excuses, the harder it will be to get back into the groove. In addition, University of Colorado researchers studied a group of 12 women and six men in both […]

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How to Curb Late Night Eating in 4 Easy Steps

It can be easy and even comforting to fall victim to late night eating, especially around the holidays, but the last thing you want to do during your weight loss journey is undo all of your hard work just minutes before bedtime. Make sure you stay on the right track by avoiding late-night eating pitfalls […]

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What No One Tells You About BMI and Breast Cancer Risk

Many factors influence the development of cancer, but one of the major causes is obesity. Obesity is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) over 30 and is calculated by taking the ration of a person’s weight and height. It is used to define a person’s body weight status. Not only is a high […]

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