Season’s Eatings: Eight Ways to Beat the Bloat

Keep your tummy flat this holiday season with a few simple steps and substitutions. 1. Cut the gas-inducing foods The easier way to avoid bloating is to not eat foods that cause it. You don’t have to memorize the entire list of offenders, but it’s good to know some key foods to avoid, including: broccoli, […]

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Just Say Yes: Lose Your Excuses, Gain Your Goal

Don’t do what you’ll have to find an excuse for. —Proverb When it comes to achieving a goal, you need a plan. You also need the discipline to follow that plan to the letter—any measure of deviation can throw off the delicate balance that would, otherwise, lead you directly to the doorstep of success. So, […]

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Fright Night: Don’t Let Halloween Trip You Up! Get Our Top Trick-or-Treat Tips

Sure, ghosts and goblins are frightening, but even they don’t match the fear that comes with stepping on the scale after you’ve downed one too many Halloween treats. With store shelves dripping in candy this time of year, it can be tough to just say no to the omnipresent candy corn and caramel apples. If […]

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Mind Over Matter: How Meditation Helps With Weight Loss

There’s no doubt that when you’re waging a war with the scale, the most important tools in your arsenal are diet and exercise. But who goes to battle with just two weapons, having learned just two tactics for fighting? If you want to be a well-rounded soldier, you have to use something else: your brain. […]

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How a Mediterranean Diet Does a Body Good

At Pop, we promote the proper, optimal nutrition that your body needs to do more than just survive, but actually thrive. The personalized eating plans that we create for our patients are rooted in a real-food-based diet of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as legumes and nuts. No prepackaged, gimmicky, chemical-laden fodder […]

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Keep Breast Cancer at Bay by Eating Healthy Foods

About one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives, and when you consider that the two biggest risk factors—being female and aging—simply can’t be controlled, the prospect that you might become one of those 12.2 percent is a scary one. Fortunately, you can control another risk factor: […]

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You Better Work! The Top Exercise Wear To Fall For

These days, exercise clothes go way beyond their call of duty, carrying fashionable fitness folks from weight lifting to work, Pilates to after school pick-up, dance class to dinner. Here’s our roundup of the most versatile and stylish workout wear essentials to sport all season long. Pants by lululemon athletica Embodying gym-to-street chic, the fitness […]

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Fit and Fun: Eight Trendy Workouts to Try Now

Get out of your workout rut with these boutique exercise classes, designed to deliver results while packing in lots of fun. The Skinny Jeans Workout, The Workout: A blend of 80’s-style aerobics with lots of toning exercises that target abs, glutes, thighs and arms The Scoop: The high number of reps performed with low […]

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