Recipe To Cure Pre-Diabetes

An astonishing study was published in the Journal of the American Diabetes Association stating curcumin extract (the yellow pigment in the spice turmeric and curry powder) can help prevent type 2 diabetes.

The study was conducted with a placebo-controlled trial (some received the extract, some didn’t) of people diagnosed with pre-diabetes. The results showed a resounding 100% success rate for curcumin preventing the disease.  “The curcumin group saw a significant improvement in fasting blood sugars, glucose tolerance, hemoglobin A1C, insulin sensitivity, pancreatic insulin-producing beta cell function (measured two different ways), and insulin sensitivity.” [1]

Additionally, a noteworthy clinical study published in the journal of the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Care, revealed that turmeric extract was 100% successful at preventing prediabetic patients from becoming diabetic over the course of a 9-month intervention. [2]

Due to the devastatingly honest fact that at least 40% of the US population ages 40-74 are believed to have pre-diabetes, the results of this study are profound.

Now that we have the scientific proof that curcumin have these strong health benefits for preventing type 2 diabetes, how do we take advantage?

It’s as simple as adding turmeric to your diet immediately. Check out these tips from, “the Kitchn”, on how to work turmeric into your daily diet: Ways to eat turmeric.

Keep in mind it’s important to recognize that prediabetes is a disease in itself, so it’s not enough to prevent progression with one simple tactic to avoid full-blown diabetes. Pre-diabetes can be cured completely by incorporating a healthy, plant-based diet.

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